Dan was recommended to me, so I reached out to him with questions about my Medicare Insurance decision I had previously made. I am so glad I did because I had made a decision that wasn’t in my best interest. He was so patient with me and made me feel very comfortable as he fully explained all my options. I am grateful that he made this process very easy for me.


I was referred to Dan by a friend when I was looking into Medicare for me and my husband. Dan was very good at helping me sort through the Medicare Insurance quagmire. My husband still worked so I didn’t know all our options. I was confused and he was very patient in helping me understand the solution that made sense. He has always been there when I needed help regarding Medicare Insurance. I am grateful to have him in my corner.


I have known Dan for many years and have known that if I asked him a question about health insurance, he would give or get me the correct answer right away. So, when I was going to become eligible for Medicare, I called him and was very glad I did. Dan was able to help me understand what my Medicare Insurance options were and guide me to the plan that made sense given my needs. He has always made himself available whenever I needed a question answered. I would recommend Dan to anyone requiring his expertise.


Just before reaching age 65, I reached out to Dan to help me sort through a myriad of Medicare Insurance options. I wanted to make sure I understood not only what was available, but that I would make the right choice for my specific financial and healthcare needs. Dan was able to present my options in a very straight forward, understandable fashion. He has always been available when I have had any questions or concerns. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking help with Medicare options.